Pam will continue her dedication to the people of Johnson County by advocating for the following issues in Topeka:

Pam supports a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. It is important to elect pro-choice candidates so that the abortion amendment does not continue to reappear on our ballot.

Fully fund public education/special education
Pam believes our schools aren’t fully funded until special education is fully funded and that public tax dollars should be used to fund public schools. Pam will vote to repeal the “open boundaries” law that was passed this past legislative session and believes local school boards are in the unique position to make the best decisions for their own districts.

Provide access to more affordable childcare
Young families are struggling now more than ever to find and retain reliable, affordable childcare. Pam supports increasing the child tax credit and providing incentives to childcare facilities to hire, train and retain qualified staff.

Support Medicaid expansion
Pam is committed to expanding Medicaid for the nearly 150,000 Kansans living in the gap between eligibility and being able to afford expensive private insurance. By refusing to expand health care access, Kansas forfeits billions of dollars every year in federal funding, which, among other things, could have helped now-closed rural hospitals stay afloat. Expanding Medicaid would also help thousands of Kansas veterans struggling to find access to mental health services and would allow low-income senior citizens more affordable access to health coverage.

Support immediate elimination of the sales tax on food
This past session, the legislature passed an “incremental” reduction to the state sales tax on food. This reduction will be phased in over the next few years and will not be completely eliminated until 2025. Pam supports immediate elimination of the tax to help offset the rising cost of groceries. Because of the state’s budget surplus, this can be done without sacrificing any government services or programs.

Maintain a balanced state budget
Pam supports maintaining a balanced budget, as required by our state constitution. Maintaining a balanced budget is critical to ensuring the state is able to pay for essential programs and to supporting strong economic and business growth.

Encourage government transparency and community consensus
Government works best when elected officials and support staff do business in the open. Pam will hold regular community meetings to gather input from District 8 constituents and will always be open to respectful dialogue.

Provide support for Kansas veterans
Pam comes from a long line of veterans, including her father who served in WWII. Pam will be a strong advocate for veteran rights and will advocate for property tax exemption for retired and disable veterans, as well as support efforts to provide alternative housing options for veterans, similar to the Tiny House Village in Kansas City, MO. Making sure veterans have access to all the mental health services they need is also a priority.

Work to keep schools and community safe
Pam is a supporter of the Second Amendment and supports the enactment of common-sense gun laws that help keep our students, teachers and community safe. She has been endorsed by Moms Demand Action, which is a grassroots movements of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect students and members of the community from gun violence. Enacting red-flag laws, expanding background checks, advocating for safe and secure gun storage, increasing investment in mental health services and banning accessibility of semi-automatic and assault-style weapons to the general public should be bi-partisan goals.

Support and fund community-based options that help keep older adults in their homes
Given the choice, most older adults would prefer to grow old in the familiarity of their own homes. Supporting and funding community-based options and continuing to fully fund the Kansas Senior Care Act will be a priority.

Preserve the rights of our LGBTQ community
I will advocate to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and vote to preserve the rights of our LGBTQ community.